Bringing the world to Pulsechain

Khaos is the first AMM & DEX on Pulsechain. Khaos provides the first bridge between Pulsechain and ERC-20 with the lowest trading fees and highest APY on Pulsechain network.


Join Our sacrifice to enter the fastest growing ecosystem
on Pulse Network

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Introducing the
Khaos Ecosystem

Providing Pulse Investors with a fully decentralized exchange for all things crypto. 


  • Khaos Swap is fully decentralised and requires no registration or account. Instantly trade any tokens on Pulsechain network.

  • Khaos Swap provides the lowest trading fees. You are guaranteed the best rates with every trade. 

  • Make a change while trading. Khaos pledges to send trading fees to charities of the communities choice every month. 

  • Trade efficiently via the Khaos bridge. Consider the case when you want to use an asset that is not native to your preferred network. If that is the case, you may deposit it here and we will use it as collateral to issue you a kTOKEN that will be burnt upon its return to the bridge when you retrieve the original token.

  • Trade brand new  projects on Pulsechain network early and gain early access to launches and farming.


  • Earn Khaos Tokens and Pulsechain via the Khaos Liqudity pools and yield farms. The amount of Khaos/Pulsechain rewards you will receive can be calculated via the APR (Annual Percentage Rate). 

  • Turn your staking into passive income. Here at Khaos we offer high APY rates with daily returns you can compound into more Pulsechain or Khaos Tokens.  

  • Stake Khaos to earn tokens contributed by future partner projects. Partner projects provide us with their tokens to help increase their exposure via our platform or as payment for us by helping them set up farms.

  • Earn Trading Fees  (0.10%) of all trades that goes through your pair when you stake your tokens in Khaos Liquidity Pools (LPs).


  • Khaos chart tools monitors changes in value and price patterns, volume and trends of your investments. Chart tools will be integrated into a Mobile and web application, with Khaos swap. 

  • The Khaos NFT market place will provide a platform for Pulsechain NFTs to be minted, sold and traded. 

  • Khaos is fully decentralised. There is no Dev wallet everything is entirely community run. Made by the people for the people. 

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Token, price and vesting information

Maximum Token Supply

100 Trillion


Launch Price 



Tokens Released Annually

100 Billion 

Circulating Supply (Depending on sac amount) 

100 Billion




Join our telegram for info on presale and launch. 

Sacrifice is Live 


Ready to go

Pulse Chain is revolutionizing the Crypto World like never before. They have had the most successful

pre-launch Crypto Currency has ever seen, with approximately $14 billion raised from over 50 thousand investors. Pulse Chain is essentially a carbon copy of Ethereum, and only its value is deflationary. It is easy to purchase and is cheaper to use than any other network in blockchain.

The Pulse Portal

KhaosVerse was created by Pulse Chain investors to bring you the first-ever decentralized exchange platform in Crypto. From bridging and swapping to trading NFT's, KhaosVerse has it all. Our goal is to make it as straightforward as possible for investors, experienced or inexperienced, to accomplish all of the above and much more. Please watch our video to learn more in-depth about what we offer and what KhaosVerse can do for you.

Join us on Telegram and Twitter for the latest updates, giveaways, and leaks about the GUI, and promotional videos.

Keep an eye out for instructions on how to acquire membership to our VIP club, where we pool our resources and expertise to invest in rare gems, assess projects that benefit everyone, and assist one another in gaining access to white lists, presales, and private sales. Everyone who is already a member will readily attest to their investment success as a direct result of their participation.

Decentralised and unstoppable

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